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    Students will find Science at Long Island City High School challenging, engaging, informative, and relevant.The science curriculum is designed to promote independent use of skills of inquiry and practical problem identification and solution. There is an emphasis on learning strategies to problem solving with a hands-on approach in exploring science topics.

    Science Regents Courses


    • Living Environment creates awareness of the biosphere through the study of human anatomy and physiology, maintenance in plants and animals, biochemistry, reproduction and development, genetics,evolution and concerns of the environment.

    • Earth Science builds skills and knowledge in the physical sciences through exposure to geology, oceanography, weather, and energy.

    • Chemistry explores the basics of matter and energy, which are fundamental to all other sciences.

    • Physics explores how the physical world works through both conceptual and mathematical   approaches.

    ALL Students will do 1200 minutes of laboratory working preparation for their Regents Examination


    Science Advanced Placement Courses


    The Science Advanced Placement program consists of college-level courses in which students may gain college credit. These courses are very demanding and require deep insight into scientific principles.

    • Advanced Placement Physics 1. 
    • Advanced Placement Environmental Science
    • Advanced Placement Chemistry
    • Advanced Placement Biology

    Science Elective Courses


    The Science elective program offers the students the opportunity to gain additional science experience in preparation for college.

    • Human Anatomy & Physiology

    • Forensic Science

    High School is an exciting time and we hope you will find our Science program equally exciting.

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