• English Department

    English 9-12
    Pre-Advanced Placement & Double-period Reading and Writing course (Ninth grade English)
    Advanced Placement Seminar (Tenth grade English)
    Advanced Placement English Language and Composition (11th & 12th grades college level course)
    Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition (12th grade college level course)
    Beginning in the 9th grade, our students are being prepared to meet the challenges of the 21st century by learning how to appreciating the world of literature in its historical and cultural context and by critically reading, writing, and listening for information. Through the Per-AP instructional framework alongside the Collections curriculum, our courses are designed to help students to become cognitively engaged with literary texts, and develop stronger discussion skills so that they can communicate their ideas articulately. Our program also ensures that students will use language to gain information about the world, as they discover meaning, understand relationships, and make decisions.

    Some of the highlights of our English Department curriculum include an Identity, Poetry, Speech, and College Essay instructional units, as well as preparation for students to do well on the English Language Arts state-wide Regents Examination and the now-Common Core-aligned examination. Furthermore, they are prepared to do well on the Advanced Placement English 11th and 12th grade college-level courses.

    An appreciation of the diversity that exists within our world is promoted through the teaching of reading and writing as an interconnected process, as our students interact with real world tasks and situations. As students progress to higher mastery, they explore, consider, and evaluate the human experience further in the 10th grade AP seminar and then in the American Literature 11th grade classes. Like all of our classes, the electives also promote student responses to literature that ensure the New York State Learning Standards and the Common Core Learning Standards are met because our curriculum allows students to discover both the power and the beauty of literature.
Last Modified on June 1, 2020