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    Culinary Arts

    If you love cooking and baking then this learning strand is for you. The Culinary Arts Academy focuses on kitchen technique and recipe development that will lead to a CTE certificate. (This is a state approved Career and Technical Education certificate.)
    With a focus on food preparation and production skills, nutrition, and food safety and sanitation, the Culinary Arts Certificate program prepares students for various entry-level positions in the foodservice industry. Students will increase their culinary knowledge and skills by practicing hands-on lab activities in a state-of-the-art commercial kitchen environment here at Long Island City High School. We provide opportunities for students to master the skills required for future educational opportunities and employment.

    If you are interested in Culinary Arts and want to continue to cook, you must choose this strand as your first choice!

    French Cuisine
    Bread Baking
    Garde Manager
    American Cuisine
    Chocolate Techniques
    Cake Decorating
    Intership Programs
    Culinary Arts and Pastry Arts
    Basic Meat Fabrication
    Knife Skills
    Advanced Culinary Club

    Please Note and Be Ready: The Internship Program begins after the student completes one year of culinary training. We also offer an afterschool Advanced Culinary Club where students practice for their competitions in their senior year for college scholarships.

    Please contact the following people if you are interested in joining the Culinary Arts Strand or Restaurant and Hotel Management Strand:

    Mr. Malench, Assistant Principal (718) 545 - 7095 Ext. 6401
    Mrs. Bingay-Lopez, Assistant Principal (718) 545 - 7095 Ext. 5501
    TBA, Lead Teacher (718) 545 - 7095 Ext. 5853
    Mrs. Sierra, Guidance Counselor (718) 545 - 7095 Ext. 5852
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    School of Hotel & Restaurant Management

    Principles of Restaurants and Hospitality is the overall managing and handling of all departments of service industries inclding restaurants, banquet and catering halls as well as hotels and other types of lodging.

    The students are taught the principles and techniques that restaurant and hotel managers must do improve the profitability of their businesses by ensuring quality control and a pleasant experience for their customers. The students will learn how to work effectively with employees to provide a functioning system that runs smoothly within the restaurant or hotel. The students will learn supervisory, administrative and marketing skills. The students will learn business accounting techniques and gain a thorough understanding of fi nance management in order to operate the business effectively.

    The Restaurant and Hotel Management curriculum prepares students to understand and apply the administrative and practical skills needed for supervisory and managerial positions in hotels and restaurants. Course work includes: business plans, front of the house management, sanitation, menu writing, quality management, purchasing, and other areas critical to the starting and running of a successful restaurant or hotel.

    Common Core and 21st Century learning standards are utilized in this class in the writing and mathematical tasks performed supporting Long Island City High Schools’ writing and mathematics initiatives and preparing our students for college and career readiness.

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    Long Island City High School has a wide variety of hands-on computer training classes ranging from very basic computer skills to advanced computer skills. Classes are offered in Microsoft Office Skills, Business Applications, Graphics and Publishing, Web Internet and Social Media.

    Here are the courses we offer:

    Communication Systems Graphics
    Stagecraft Design and Production
    Business Classes
    Hands on Learning Automotive Classes
    Technical Drawing
    Video Technology


    Desktop Publishing
    Computer Repair
    Automotive Technology


    Have extra time on your hands?

    Please join one of these following extracurricular activities: Robotics Team

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