Student attendance at Long Island City HS is a critical component for academic achievement and success. Students are expected to be in school and on time on all days when school is in session. Class days are noted on the School Calendar.

    NYC ATTENDANCE LAW states that each minor from 5 to 17 years of age in New York City is required to attend school on a full-time basis.

    LIC HS students are expected to maintain a minimum of 90% attendance. A student who misses the equivalent of 2 or more days per month, or 20 or more days in the school year, is considered chronically absent.


    • Students must show proper Identification and swipe in upon entry each morning.
    • Attendance is taken each period by each teacher in class daily.
    • Official attendance is taken during period 3 daily.


    Once a student arrives at school in the morning, he/she may not leave the premises until the school day is over. Students who need to leave before their school day must be picked up by a parent, guardian, or other adult listed on the school computer system or on the Blue Emergency Card. Adults signing out students must present valid picture ID and have a valid reason for picking up the student before the end of the school day. Students are signed out from the main office, where he or she will receive an early excuse pass. A student who is not present for the entire day is marked cutting. Patterns of cutting, and unexcused absences will be followed up by the behavior support teacher and guidance team.


    Students who are absent must present a valid absence note to their teachers for signature immediately upon their return to school. The signed note should then be submitted to the Attendance Office in Room 110. Some valid reasons for excused absences may include illness, death in the family, health treatment, and court appearances. All absent students are required to complete missing work. Absences that do not have documentation are considered Illegal or Unexcused absences.


    Students can check their attendance by logging onto their Pupil Path account, checking their report card, or requesting a RISA from the Attendance Office. Daily phone calls are made to inform families of absence. Students may bring errors to the attention of the school by discussing specific issues with the classroom teacher or the Attendance Office in Room 110.

    Please refer to your class contracts on the importance of good attendance for each subject class.

    Download PDF of Student Attendance Guidelines